Cynthia L. Diamond, Owner and Creator

Creating Creatively

    by Recycling, Repurposing, Recreating and Reusing

My Drawer Full of T-shirts, LLC was established in 2014 to create with t-shirts by following our mission to utilize our 4 R’s: Recycle, Repurpose, Recreate and Reuse.  Our quilts are made using a stained glass approach, stitching t-shirts onto fabric, applique style.  While one cannot see thru the material as the wording “stained glass” implies, the approach entails carefully cut t-shirts, backed with fusing material meticulously laid out so they form a cohesive and creative look.  Each quilt is finished by a backing of an appropriate fabric.  The creativity is endless for My Drawer Full of T-shirts.   Other items created are Wall Art (t-shirts applied to canvased framing), Wall hangings, Yard flags, Pillows, Bags, and Pet toys.

Northern Indiana is where I have lived my whole life and sewing has been an integral part of it.   I learned to sew from my grandmother and supplemented her teachings by taking lessons with Singer at an early age.  It is a talent I have continuously used.

Our family is all grown and we still have more than one “a drawer full of t-shirts”.  We have many drawers stuffed full with memories in the form of t-shirts covering travels, concerts, school, teams, activities, and favorite past times.

Custom order quilts and other fun products provide great enjoyment when creating and it is thrilling to complete a personal and unique one of a kind product.  My Drawer Full of T-shirts listens to your requests and works with you so the end product is something we are both proud of.  These items display memories which may celebrate team participation, club activities, reunions, hobbies, honoring someone in the Armed Forces, and memorializing a loved one.

A favorite quilt was to a little boy who loved John Deere tractors.  T-shirts were collected of his favorite tractor and the quilt was made for his birthday.  His reaction was be able to sleep with his all favorite tractors.

My Drawer Full of T-shirts, LLC

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