Custom Graduate Quilt.jpg
Custom Plymouth Quilt Reverse Side.jpg

High School Graduation Quilt *

Custom Majestic Baton Quilt.jpg
Custom Majestic Baton Quilt Reverse Side

Heading 1

Company Retirement Quilt *

One of a Kind Products 

      Recycle, Repurpose, Recreate, Reuse

Sewing is never boring when creating items with My Drawer Full of T-shirts.  Nothing is ever the same.  T-shirts are carefully picked and prepared to make a unique item.

Custom orders are carefully tended to.  Close attention to what our client wishes for the final product is extremely important.  

We are now able to apply photographs onto material in order to add these special occasions onto a quilt.  

* T-shirts supplied

             Here are examples of  special orders

MDFoTs Dawns Custom Quilt.jpg

Teacher''s Christmas Quilt *

SCS Custom Quilt 2.jpg

School Fundraiser Quilt - Donated

Custom Penn Running Quilt.jpg

High School Runner Graduation Quilt  *

Custom Birthday Quilt.jpg

Birthday Quilt  *

Custom Motorcycle Quilt.jpg
ustom Motorcycle Quilt Reverse Side.jpg

Christmas Quilt *

MDFoTs H.S. Dance graduation quilt.jpg
MDFoTs H.S. Cheerleader graduation quilt

High School Graduation Quilt *

MDFoTs Custom Memory Quilt.jpg

Memorial Quilt *

MDFoTs Custom Order Quilt  t-shirts prov

Christmas Quilt *

IMG_2026 Blue Blazer edit-crop 1920-crop
Elkhart Central High School Graduation Quilt
MDfoTs Baby Memory Quilt.jpg
MDFoTs Baby Memory quilt front and back.

Memory Quilt *

MDFoTs  Custom Quilt New Orleans Vacatio

Vacation Quilt - Photos supplied and placed on material 

High School Graduation Quilt *
University Graduation Quilt - T-shirts supplied
Boy Scout Quilt *
High School Hockey Graduation Quilt *
MDFoT's Caiti's quilt.jfif
High School Memory Quilt
Double face masks with filter pocket
MDFoTs Christmas Pillows_edited.jpg
Band Ribbon Pillow
Wintertime Pillows
MDFoTs Wall Art.jpg
Examples of Wall Art
MDFoTs Booth 2021.jpg
Booth at Amish Acres

MDFoTs Besties Wall Art_edited.jpg
Wall Art